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Particle Filter

Find a used particle filter for your car

Need to replace your diesel particle filter? Here you'll find particle filters for various car makes. Select your make and model in the sidebar to find a suitable particle filter for your car.

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Why does a car have a particle filter?

A diesel particle filter, or "DPF", captures harmful particles, which reduces air pollution. The European Union has strict rules when it comes to car emissions and particle filters. Since the end of 2017 not only diesel cars, but also petrol cars need to be fitted with a particle filter. Removing the particle filter is prohibited and when your particle filter has faults your car might not pass a roadworthy test.

The particle filter light has come on - replacing the DPF

To be able to burn soot particles, the particle filter needs high temperatures. Those temperatures don't always get to where they need to be, especially when your car only crosses short distances or rarely reaches high speeds, for examples when it is primarily used in city traffic. Eventually the particle filter can get clogged. The DPF light will go on on the dashboard, but other symptoms such as a strong smell or excessive smoke can also signal a clogged particle filter. Sometimes a clean or regeneration can fix the particle filter, but in many cases the particle filter will have to be replaced. A particle filter will usually need to be replaced between 100.000 and 200.000 kilometers.

Replacing particle filter - buying a used particle filter

Replacement of a particle filter can be an expensive fix. A used particle filter is a great option when the particle filter needs to be replaced and can save a lot of money. On TotalParts you can search for used particle filters offered by various companies. You can view the quality of the particle filter for each part - in many cases the particle filter is offered as new or with only light damages. You can use TotalParts 24/7 to order used car parts, including particle filters. Select your car's make and model in the sidebar to find a suitable particle filter for your car.

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