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Prop Shaft

Find a used prop shaft for your car

The prop shaft connects the gearbox with the differential, and is an essential part of the car. Looking for a spare prop shaft? On this page you'll find used prop shafts for every car make, including Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and more.

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What is a prop shaft?

A prop shaft acts as the connection between the transmission and the differential. The shaft often consists of a drive shaft and a universal joint. The prop shaft's main function is to transfer power from the gearbox to the wheels. The prop shaft is thus an important component when it comes to propelling the car.

Replacing a broken prop shaft

The prop shaft is an essential part of the car. When the prop shaft is broken, you won't be able to drive. Sometimes the prop shaft can get bent. When that happens you'll often hear a ticking noise while driving, especially in corners. The prop shaft can be replaced in its entirety. On this page you will find used prop shafts offered by various partner companies for attractive prices. Search for a suitable prop shaft for your car by selecting your car's make and model in the sidebar. All used parts on TotalParts can be purchased 24/7.

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