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Used Gearbox

Find a used gearbox for your car

Looking for a used gearbox for your car? On this page you'll find used gearboxes for various makes, such as Volkswagen, Peugeot, Opel, Audi, Citroën, Ford and more. Also view automatic gearboxes and manual gearboxes.

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Faulty gearbox?

Do you suspect your gearbox has problems? A number of symptoms can indicate a broken gearbox. When you hear crackling or rattling noises when changing gear, when it's difficult to change gears or when the gearbox won't stay in gear it usually means the gearbox is worn out. This may have to do with the gears, the gearbox mechanism or an other cause. It's best to get your car to a repair center when you suspect there are problems with a gearbox. Continuing to drive with a faulty gearbox is a bad idea, as this can make repairs more expensive and more difficult down the road.

Recondition gearbox or used gearbox?

When your gearbox is broken down you often have two choices: are you going to get your gearbox reconditions or will you find a used gearbox? Reconditioning a broken gearbox may be possible, but it can be a long process, leaving you without a car for a while. Because gearbox reconditioning is such a time intensive process, many mechanics no longer take on reconditioning jobs. A used gearbox is often a good choice, because this can be placed into your car immediately. You can search for used gearboxes from various car companies on TotalParts. When you find a suitable gearbox for your car, you can order it immediately.

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