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Front Bumper

Find a used front bumper for your car

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Damaged front bumper

The bumper takes the impact when a collision takes place. That's why bumper damage is the most common form of car damage. The size of the damage is dependent on the severity of the accident. Scuffs and paint chips can often be repaired or touched up. But when the damage is more severe, the front bumper will have to be replaced in most cases. It's a very bad idea to continue driving a car with a badly damaged bumper, because the bumper protects the rest of the car, including the engine, but also the driver and passengers. When a front bumper is broken, the bumper won't be able to do its job.

Replacing the front bumper

When your bumper is severely damaged, you can choose to replace it with a new or used front bumper. In some cases a broken bumper can be repaired, but because this is usually a large job many mechanics will advise you to replace the bumper. A used front bumper is often a great affordable solution. If the colour of the used part doesn't match your car this can usually later be resolved with a paint job.

Buying a used front bumper

On TotalParts you'll find used front bumpers offered by various partner businesses. There are front bumpers for various car makes, including Volkswagen, Mini, Suzuki, Citroën, Toyota, Peugeot, Nissan/Datsun BMW, Opel, Renault, Fiat, Seat, Audi and others. Select your car's make and model in the sidebar to view suitable front bumpers for your car. When you've found a suitable car part you can order it directly through our website. If you can't find a spare part it may still be available by one of the businesses. Use this form to request the part and if a wrecker has the part in stock they will contact you directly.

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